Saturday, September 15, 2012

South Park New Episodes Sept 26

Hey ManBearPigs!
It's almost time for that magical time of year again. Well, it actually happens twice a year - like Christmas should be. It's time for new episodes of South Park.

While trying to speculate what the new episodes are in store, we can speculate.

Prince Harry - When Harry went to Las Vegas and partied in his birthday suit, one might have guessed that Trey Parker or Matt Stone slipped something in his drink. That of course wasn't the case, and life has shown us once again that "you can't make this shit up".

Amanda Bynes - You might not have heard of her. I haven't really, but evidently she is an actress,singer,and fashion designer(who knew?) that has become more famous for driving horribly, which includes DUI,smashing into other cars,and smoking out of some kind of pipe while driving under a suspended license. Lindsay Lohan look out!

Michael Clarke Duncan - The big guy, known as a real nice guy in real life, could make an appearance. I don't see them making fun of him. He probably will make a small cameo appearance.

Hooney Boo Boo - This has South Park written all over it. Take some rednecks who now have a hit show which included "mud boggin'" and papa breakin' his foot cause he was "havin' fun" and this could lead to a whole episode.

Those are some of my picks. What do you think? Any ideas for some great South Park Episodes?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I See Dead Celebrities

The second half of the season for South Park kicked off last night with the
episode, I See Dead Celebrities.

This was one of the best episodes so far this season. I don't want to give away
the whole story but Ike gets possessed by a very famous singer who recently
passed away.

So other recently deceased celebrities making an appearance are DJ A.M.,David
, Ed McMahon,and Farrah Fawcett.

You can watch a short clip of the show below.